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AFFORDABLE responsive modern WEBSITEs

from $299

Based in Melbourne, Fast Cheap Websites and web design is dedicated in getting your small business online fast and at an affordable price. We specialise in websites for small or large businesses and realise the importance of keeping costs to a minimum, so we have designed affordable web design packages to cater for your needs. Your business can have an effective website that won't break your budget.

The first impression that a user has of your website, is the impression they apply to your business. Quality in presentation matters and our main focus is the service you provide and the products you have to offer potential customers. Our online shopping cart website package allows your customers  to shop your store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We understand the importance of establishing a good relationship with our customers therefore communication is important to us. We will be glad to assist you with any problems, concerns or advice you require during the development of your website.

Why Choose Us?

Because we can save you more with one fixed price, no yearly fees, no ongoing costs and much more.

The biggest problem within the web industry are the hidden costs you don’t know about after you go live.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Are there lock in contracts? Are there any ongoing fees once my site goes live? How many changes can i make to the design?

IMPORTANT!! Make sure that your ABN is used to register your domain name and not someone elses. This will ensure that you own your domain name and you can't be held for ransome in the future.

Many web companies only care about the initial sale and nothing else. This is why the web industry has such a low satisfaction rate. Be aware of empty promises and shady acts.

We are here to change that!

Fully responsive

No Lock in Contracts. Cancel Anytime

Clean and Modern Responsive Designs

No Yearly Fees

Affordable Websites

No Exist Fees

No obligation free quotes

100% Ownership

Easy to use CMS (Wordpress)

What we do!

Register your domain name

Set up your web hosting

Set up all your email accounts

Create or re design your logo.

Create your business website

Perform SEO to get your site ranked high on Google

Dedicated in providing quality customer service

We can also upgrade your existing website with a fresh, clean and neat design.

Our websites our now responsive.

What does this mean?

Responsive means the ability to change or adapt quickly.

In webdesign termonology responsive means the ability of a website to adapt to different browsers without the need to develop a separate website for mobile phones and tablets.

Basically your website is built to be mobile and tablet friendly all within the one coding.

This website is now responsive. Visit our website on a mobile phone and see for yourself how the site fits nicely into your screen. If you are viewing this site on a PC, you can also try resizing your browser to the size of a mobile phone or click here to see how your site looks on a mobile phone.

Test your website here (for Desktop computers only)

Everything magically fits into place. No more scrolling.

Want to be able to edit your website, then a Wordpress website is what you need.

We can create a wordpress responsive website so you can make updates to your site,add images, text as well as create extra pages. Very easy and simple to use with many online resources to help you along the way. There are also many great plugins available with this content management system (CMS).

Want to make your existing website mobile phone friendly?

We can create a mobile phone friendly version of your new or existing website. Mobile internet is one of the fastest growing forms of communications in the world with over one million people using their mobile devises for searching the net.

The major difference between a regular and mobile site is the screen size. This means that mobile websites are designed and built to be usable by your customers!

Mobile friendly websites will;

1. Stop the need for side scrolling

2. Deliver the most appropriate content to your customer whilst on the move.

Set up  Fee $199.00 including images and text.

Hosting if required (see hosting packages)

A company website represents the brand of the organization and provides users with their first and lasting impression regarding the quality, professionalism and credibility of the business that owns it. Evidence suggests that most internet users determine their acceptance of a website, and willingness to do business with the promoted company, based on these parameters within the first seven seconds of viewing the homepage.



We can help you get there using search engine otimisation techniques and strategies. Otherwise how will anyone find you. Go to our SEO page for more information. Firstly, you need to establish the right key words. Eg. if you were searching for a website design company on the web, what would you type? If you typed 'cheap websites', would you find us? Yes, you would. We are ranked on page ONE, position 1  and competing with 165,000,000 other websites who use the same key words.




90% of our websites traffic is through Google.

We know this, because we can track our traffic sources.

Some of the findings that we are able to establish from this tracking system about are audience are;

Demographics - location, language of our audience

Behaviour - new or returning audiences and frequency and engagement

Technology - type of browser our audience is using  Eg. Safari

Social - traffic sources through Facebook

Mobile - which devices people are using to access our pages

Traffic Sources - which key words people have used to find our site.

Using these tools, will assist you in developing a more accurate analysis of your potential customer's behaviour.


Keep in mind!

First page Google ranking is achievable but it won't happen over night. We use a combination of techniques which are implemented through an intense SEO plan. It is an ongoing process and your ranking position can change if you do not continue implementing search engine optimisation on a regular basis.