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web site design can help with a good web site design for your business. That is why Fast Cheap Websites have several benefits in the current digital era.


Branding your web site design is of the most important parts of it. A well-designed site reinforces your brand visually through the use of logos, colors, fonts, and imagery. This creates brand consistency.

First Impressions

Your web site design design is often the first impression potential customers will have of your business and why they will buy from it. A polished, professional design builds credibility.

Visual Appeal – A quality web site design makes a website more easy to use and will make you customer what to stay on your site. This equates to time spent on site.


The web site design strategically highlights your value proposition, products, and services through visual hierarchy, copy, and imagery.


A good web site design prioritizes simplicity in layout and navigation so users can easily find information. This reduces bounce rates.


Web site design adapts seamlessly to tablets, smartphones, and desktops. With mobile traffic rising, responsiveness is essential.

Conversion Focus

Design elements like call-to-action buttons, testimonials, and e-commerce features boost conversions.


Your web site design ensures the site meets ADA compliance standards for users with disabilities.

User Experience

web site design focuses on user experience and interaction through page layouts, menu labels, and intuitive navigation.


A well-coded, web site design will optimized site design provides fast load times. This improves SEO and conversion rates.

The most foundational thing is making your website appealing, make sure that your website is user-friendly and effective at conveying your business’s purpose so that customers spend more time on your website . It’s an investment that pays dividends.

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Our architecturally designed super fast Australian cheap web hosting Servers are located in Sydney, Australia and feature RAID NVMe Storage.

Fast Cheap Web Site Design offer two years cheap web hosting and include these fantastic services for FREE!!

Google Services

FREE Google Business Page

Site added to Google Maps. See example

FREE Google Webmaster Tools set up

FREE Google Analytics Account

FREE Google Analytics Dashboard

4 Free updates per year

Each update includes;

2 pages edited and a max. of 2 images added per page.

Please Note: Extra changes will incur additional costs

Website Maintenance

WordPress updates to themes and plugins

Security Plugin installed

Website back ups

SEO Optimisation

Mobile Friendly Websites

  We speed up your site by including a page speed plugin.

  FREE SEO Page. See example

We use primary keyword in a page URL ( Eg. https://fastcheapwebsites.com.au/website-designer/cheap-website-design-packages-australia/ )

We use keywords in the right places on your FREE SEO Page. See example

We place your keywords in headlines, subheadings and anchor texts

  We focus on one keyword while optimising your FREE SEO page. See example

We add share buttons to your posts and make them visible.

We link your site to your social media pages.

We add titles & meta tags to pages

Alt text added to images

Free advice on improving your Google ranking.

Emergency Care

Website vulnerabilities


To receive this offer, you must sign up for a minimum of 2 years web hosting. The first 2 years of web hosting is non-refundable

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