How to promote your business online for FREE

Start-up businesses are often strapped for cash and tend to not have a huge budget allocated for marketing. Before the internet, forms of marketing included flyers, ads in local papers and sponsorships at local clubs. These days there are all kinds of opportunities to market your business. You just need to know where to look.

1.Use local listing services

Adding and verifying your site to Google Places allows your site be found on Google searches and Google Maps. There are also hundreds of directories you can add your site for FREE. Ensure you choose the most popular and relevant sites. Two of the more popular directory websites you can add your website to, are True Local and Local Blue

2. Embrace Social Media

Social media is a great opportunity to engage with your customers on a personal and company level. Investing your time using social media platforms is a great  opportunity to get your name out there. It’s also a great way to advertise your promotions and increase sales.

3. Content is KING

Blogging can be considered a tedious task but it is a crucial part of improving your SEO ranking and providing your customers with relevant information about your business. Remember to blog at least once a fortnight or as frequent as you can. An abandoned blog is pretty much useless.

4. Multimedia

Creating promotional You Tube videos with footage people want to view and are relevant to your business is a great tool to market your business.

5. Online Communities

Every niche has an online community or forum you can get involved in. Actively contribute and build a rapport with the community. Passively promote your business by mentioning it only when relevant to the conversation and add your website’s link in the signature area. If you intend to post every once in a while, don’t bother. It will only annoy people.

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